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Dissertation reviews archives

Review by Dark Nazgul Sorry friends for the long dissertation on the bonus tracks!

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It is totally instrumental and consists of eleven tracks and two bonus tracks. I do not like re-releases on CD, including bonus tracks added to the songs that historically make up the album, especially when the albums in question are those of the classical era the seventies of progressive rock.

Few years ago I recommended a friend who did not know very much the prog rock genre to buy the CD "Close To The Edge" to get an idea of the amazing music of Yes.

Dissertation reviews archives

Imagine my surprise when I had to explain that the songs were not seven but three, and the album ended with "Siberian Khatru".

The CD reissue I am not sure but I think it was the remastered edition in fact, contained seven songs including "America" and other excerpts from studio rehearsals. This kind of commercial operations completely distort the meaning of the message that the progressive music has spread in recent decades.

Dissertation reviews archives

In the context of rock music, progressive rock has always been regarded as the maximum expression of art. The intention of the bands of the 70s was to promote a true art form through rock music. Assuming that an object of art ought not to be modified by others, how you can reprint a CD by adding more songs than the original ones?

For this reason, when I do a review, I prefer to completely ignore the bonus tracks and I just express an opinion on the album considering only the songs in the very first issue. Here, however, I must make an exception. The heart of this album is in fact represented by a bonus track: Probably, as the band explains in the liner notes of the album, if it were not for the positive reviews of Frank, this album would not have been achieved, at least in a short time.

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The version included in "Pilgrim" is slightly different, surely better than the version of "The Spaghetti Epic" a short section characterized by a larger footprint rock, that has nothing to do with the rest of the epic, was cut in the middle of the track.

The song is really amazing, totally instrumental, and inspired by the 70s band especially Camel and Genesis with intelligent use of various keyboards church organ, mellotron, sinth and delicate acoustic guitar arpeggios.

In the first part of the song dominates the solemnity of a church organ: The second half of the epic sees a great guitar playing. Excellent solos evoke typically western themes. In particular, the last amazing guitar solo gives me a lot of chills: The other songs are not at the same level of Frank.

Listening to the album, the most obvious flaw that you feel is the sensation of being in front of a lot of musical ideas not fully executed: Another negative aspect that characterizes "Pilgrim" is a little monotony, and perhaps the excessive duration.

The atmosphere is, more or less, almost always the same, often characterized by slow rhythms and a classical pastoral calm in the context of contemporary prog, Andrew Marshall, aka Willowglass, makes music in a very similar way. It also does not help the lack of a singer: Despite some negative aspects the level of the tracks is generally quite good.

Walk On Land and The Magnificent Forest for example, are very beautiful, with many parts reminiscent of Camel and magical mellotron and guitar parts. Definitely, "Pilgrim" is a good album, if you love the symphonic genre, and the magical mellotron atmospheres.

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